Did you know that 75% of people prefer a responsive, mobile friendly website? And 67% of people are more willing to buy from a business that has a responsive, mobile friendly website? Everyone gets frustrated when they have to zoom in and out and move around a site to find something which results in a bad experience for the viewer and a negative brand exposure for your business.

Every Wevaweb website is fully responsive for every device from smartphones to tablets to computers. This means all ythe text, pictures, videos, menus, and other content will show up for everyone no matter where they view it – no loss of data, design, or functionality and most importantly, no lost customers due to a bad experience.

Responsive Web Design is Critical

Smartphones have forever changed how we interact with the world around us, and that includes how people interact with businesses. People searching for information on their phone are usually doing so because they need information quickly. If they can’t find it quickly on one site, they will try another site.

Responsive web design simplifies this process for the user which is critical for leaving them with a good memory and positive brand experience. Not to mention, they will actually engage with you and possibly become your customer!

Mobile Internet Use is Growing

Yeah, I know. This is a no-brainer… but is your website prepared to deal with that? Having a mobile friendly website is an inevitable step in the evolution of online marketing, and never before has it been more affordable and more quickly implemented than with a Wevaweb website.

In short, a lot of people are viewing your site right now on their phones and that number is only going to increase. Responsive web design is not only important for the future of your business, but for today as well. Don’t miss another customer because your site isn’t ready for them where they are!

The words “WordPress web design” are typically associated with templates and cheap websites, but we’d like to challenge you to look at it from a new perspective. Aside from being the most user-friendly way for an average person to use a website, WordPress web designs are no longer playing catch up the industry trends… they are now setting them. No one else is closer to successfully combining an intuitive user-friendly interface with cutting edge form and function than WordPress, and we dare you to prove us wrong.

From full screen video backgrounds and dynamic media components to responsive HTML5 web design and one page parallax websites, there’s not much that WordPress can’t do. It is the world’s #1 CMS (Content Management System) and only getting bigger and better every day. Below are our top 5 reasons why WordPress web design is awesome.

WordPress is Affordable

The WordPress platform along with upgrades to it… is 100% free. That doesn’t mean you get an amazing website out of the box for free. What it does mean is the basic engine is a free program for anyone to build on. This saves countless hours and costs in setup and build time which is a major reason why a WordPress website is more affordable than a website that is custom built from scratch.

Another way that WordPress helps business owners save money is…

WordPress is User Friendly

One of the main reasons why WordPress has achieved such popularity is its user-friendly CMS. This is the management tool for the back end and no one does it better than WordPress. From updating software to editing pages to writing a blog, WordPress requires no coding ability or previous web design experience. No need to call your web design company, send them another check, and wait for them to make the changes on their time… with WordPress, you can just point, click, and go!

The reason why WordPress is so easy to use for anyone to us is because…

WordPress is Open Source

The WordPress engine is directly worked on by hundreds of people around the world based on feedback from the hundreds of millions who use WordPress every day. This has led to countless support groups, Q&A forums, tutorial videos (YouTube has 5,830,000 results for WordPress) and most importantly, a free exchange of ideas for all things WordPress. So whether you’re looking for help with writing your first blog post or adding new pages to a sub menu on the sidebar of an interior page, the information is out there and best of all… it’s free.

One of the best parts to WordPress having such an active user base across the globe is…

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Google loves websites it can trust, and WordPress is at the top of that list. It’s also remarkably easy for anyone to perform some basic optimization steps for every page and post without any experience. This doesn’t mean every WordPress site will be on the first page of Google, but it does mean a WordPress user has more power than ever before to directly affect their search rankings.

It’s not only the #1 CMS for SEO implementation…

WordPress is the #1 Website CMS

With over 70,000,000 WordPress websites around the world WordPress is the #1 CMS tool on the planet with some more notable users being TechCrunch, TED, CNN, and the NFL. With a platform powerful enough to run websites for sites getting millions of views a day, we like to think WordPress is powerful enough for a small business website too!

WordPress isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want a website that is affordable, powerful, user friendly, SEO friendly, and on the front edge of small business web design, WordPress IS the answer!

Freelance web designers usually do everything for a website by themselves. Big web design firms have dozens of people to call on at any given time; and it’s not uncommon for small web design agencies farm out work to places as far as India and China. These processes often leave the client not knowing who is doing what on their website, or expecting one person to be a master of all trades. Obviously, this isn’t ideal which is why we do things differently.

Every Wevaweb client receives a complete web design team dedicated to that website for as long as it takes to build it. This team includes an account manager, a web engineer, and a graphic designer who will work on your site throughout the entire process. There’s no passing the buck or demands of blind trust here!

Account Manager for Full Time Support

Every client will work directly with their account manager who will continue working with them for as long as they are a Wevaweb customer. This includes the initial consultation, management of the initial web design process, recommendations of additional services, customer support for all issues, and ongoing oversight of backups, updates, and service issues.

Every account manager’s goal is build a strong relationship with every one of their clients to be their trusted consultant for website and online marketing services. Our account managers are not trained in sales at any point in time, but they are constantly working to improve their customer service and technical support skills.

Customers are our most valued assets and we are always looking for new ways to improve their lives and our relationships. We are critical to each other’s success!

Web Engineer for Cutting Edge Performance

We only hire web engineers who are tried and tested in the field of web design and website development. Every one is carefully monitored by the account manager and web design manager to ensure protocols are maintained and every site is worthy of the Wevaweb name.

Every site is built to the design specs while optimized for search engines, speed, and security at the same time. Our web engineers are continuously keeping up with the latest news, standards, and tricks of the trade to the point it’s a challenge to see who can do it the best! For them, building a website isn’t just a job – it’s a passion.

Websites are what we do best, and we don’t view them as paychecks. We view them as an art form, and our web engineers are artists!

Graphic Designer for a Professional Look

Speaking of artists… our graphic designers are the visual artists of the bunch, and thank goodness because we’d be much worse off without them! They bring style, panache, and elegance to our sites through stunning graphic design and visual elements that will wow you an your customers.

While they make your website look amazing, their job is to do more than just give it a pretty face – they give the website a polished look and natural feel that guides users through with ease, simplicity, and charm. Our graphic designers work with the account manager and web engineer during their design process to ensure the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are carefully considered and developed throughout the entire process.

When you work with Wevaweb, you are working with a team of professionals who are dedicated to producing not just another website… but a piece of art that our team, you, and your customers will be proud of for years to come!

A recent Google study found that 75% of people prefer a mobile-friendly website and 67% of people are more likely to buy from a business that has a mobile-friendly website. That means a business could be losing 2 out of every 3 potential customers just because their website is outdated!

While upgrading to a mobile-friendly website is usually expensive, time-consuming, and complicated, Wevaweb is anything but. Our “no hassle, no haggle” process that requires only 3 phone calls for us to build a professionally designed, mobile-friendly site in two weeks for the flat fee of $3700. That’s right! Three phone calls. Two weeks. $3700. Zero lost customers.

We provides mobile friendly web design services in Asheville NC for local, regional, and national clients in two weeks for a flat fee through our unique “no hassle, no haggle” process. We pride ourselves in our extreme customer service and reflect that through answering any and all questions people have about web design, SEO, e-commerce, social media, and more.

All our website packages include graphic design, a user friendly CMS platform, SEO starter kit, social media integration, and most importantly, are guaranteed to work well on mobile devices and computers. We also provide SEO and e-commerce development along with other web design services to make sure each client gets exactly what is best for them.

Wevaweb provides free web design consultation services to clients who need a brand new website or a redesign of an existing site. While many companies use free consultations as a “back door sales pitch” technique, we are here to provide an honest evaluation of your website, answer your questions about our services, compare our services to other companies, and even connect you with another web design company if they are a better fit for you!

We stress the importance of a positive experience for every client which is why you will never be pressured or treated into doing anything other than what you want. We believe our work speaks for itself which is why we don’t (and won’t) engage in high-pressure sales techniques or hassle you with endless emails or phone calls. It really is an absolutely free web design consultation!

We are mobile web design experts

While we build websites for all types or organizations, we specialize in mobile friendly web design and refuse to build websites that don’t work equally well on smartphones, tablets, and computers. When speaking with other web design companies, be sure to ask them if their proposal covers a site that works as well on a mobile phone as a computer.  Everyone one of our sites does and yes, that’s included in the flat fee price.

Call (864) 406-9382 for your free web design consultation

Web design has been constantly changing since it’s very first day. Considering we started as plain text on screen and have now arrived at full screen video backgrounds (See below), web design has come a long way in a short time!

In the last few years, we’ve seen exponential growth in possibilities for web design as bandwidth has increased considerably for all devices, especially on smartphones. Not only can phones handle bigger websites, but they are handling more than ever before – a number that will only continue to increase for years before settling into a considerable percentage of total website usage.

As a mobile web design company, we focus on building websites that work equally well on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We don’t build a mobile site for phones and a separate site for computers because that’s an outdated standard from the says when smartphones took 5 minutes to download the average webpage!

Because mobile web design is a huge trend in the industry and the focus of our company, the trends listed below are specifically for mobile friendly websites that look and work equally well on all devices.

Flat UI Design

Love it or hate it, flat UI is going to stick around for a while. Windows 8 brought it into the mainstream and Apple iOS7 confirmed both major tech design companies were firmly planted in the flat UI design camp.

Flat UI is a bold departure from the Web 2.0 look that emphasized shadows, reflections, and other design tricks that added visual depth where there was none. Besides a look that is “more correct” for our flat screens, flat UI is incredibly simple for users to adapt, learn, and use.

It’s a simple standard that designers around the world can use for a consistent look and feel with the rest of the web and our smart devices regardless of their individual brand colors, content, and function.

We used flat UI for the Consign & Design web design in Asheville NC.

Fullscreen Photo & Video Backgrounds

This is an awesome feature we’re dying to get our hands on. If a picture is truly worth 1,000 words, then this is a web design trend that just makes sense. When done right, a website user will get an immediate understanding of what a company does and what they have to offer. With bandwidth only increasing across the board, we expect this trend to continue growing for years to come. Just imagine going to a website that is an interactive video. How cool would that be? We are looking for our first client to take the plunge with us…

Be careful with this trend though. It takes a perfectly framed shot and strategically placed content for it to work right. We’ve seen too many sites that end up looking terrible by implementing this in the wrong way and trust us… when it goes bad, it is BAD. When you’re communicating 1,000 words in one shot, it takes careful preparation and strategy to make sure each one counts.

Long Pages & Lots of Scrolling

Love it or hate it, this trend is here to stay for at least one simple reason – scrolling is not only easy, but intuitive when viewing sites on mobile devices. There are a lot of new design features being developed for long page websites, the most interesting of them being parallax design.

Parallax design is different in that it simulates different lines of sight on a 2d surface. The most obvious and common example of this is a section in a long page scrolling at a different speed than the rest of the website to give the perception of depth as if the layer were farther behind the other ones.

Long page websites are ideal for business websites that have one product or service, or those that prefer to present their information in a storyboard format. This style of web design forces the viewer to scroll through the website in a chronological manner and typically ends with a “call to action.” Forget jumping from page to page to find all the information, long page web design keeps everything in order and in one place!

We implemented this technique in the Elevate Golf & CloudCaddie websites.

Less Text

This is a new web trend that goes hand-in-hand with the fullscreen picture and video background trend. When a picture says 1,000 words, why put 1,000 words on the page? That’s far too much information for a viewer to process anyway!

On the surface, this is a trend that may appear to be lazy, but the truth is exactly the opposite of that. Less text means every word has mean more, and it’s always difficult to say more with less. We strongly encourage every client to adopt this philosophy when preparing content for the site, and always use this ourselves when developing web content for clients.

Less is more!

Explosive Interactions

No, this doesn’t mean we use Flash. We don’t use Flash. Flash is dead. This means web designers are using new ways to pack more content onto one page without being too wordy or relying on the user to read a long time to get the point. Examples of this would be using pop-out boxes from links instead of sending the viewer to another page. It is used to deliver more detailed information for those interested without forcing everyone to deal with the content.

Other ways this technique is used is through tab sections on a web page where secondary information is hidden behind the primary tab, toggle boxes that open and close in a webpage at the user’s request, and fun little easter eggs that are there for the diligent. This trend coincides perfectly with other ones such as parallax web design, full screen backgrounds, and less text so we implement them on every site whenever possible.

Flat Content Distribution

This is more of a web design strategy than a strict design, though the two are closely connected at every step. Keeping flat content distribution techniques in mind are what make the web design tricks listed above possible. The core idea is to keep all content on a site “within arm’s reach” no matter where the user is on the site.

This means using strong menu systems that will take the user anywhere they need at a second’s notice, maximizing each page’s space and effectiveness, and avoiding multiple layers of pages that require a direct path for a user to find it. In short, make it easy for a user to find anything and everything as quickly as possible. They’ll thank you for it!


Remember the websites that had fireworks in the background, played music, and had stars following your cursor on the screen? Yeah, there’s a reason those don’t exist anymore. Granted, we all had some fun when the web was born and got a little carried away, but thankfully that has all but disappeared from the internet.

More than ever (and possibly because most web designers are kids who had to deal with that growing up?) web design is trending towards the minimalist approach. Few and far in between are the people who have the time and patience to deal with fireworks, music, and floating stars while searching for a phone number or hours of operations. Fewer are the people who should.

Keeping websites simple, clean, and easy to use through an eye-catching and pleasing design is a lot harder than most people imagine, but something we passionately pursue here at Wevaweb. Keep it simple!

Mobile Friendly

Last, but most certainly not least, the single biggest growing trend in 2014 is mobile web design. Not just websites built for smartphones, but websites that work equally well on phones and tablets as they do on computers. Mobile-only websites treat your customers differently based on where they are viewing your site which creates more work to build a second site, create a similar user experience across all platforms, make sure all information is on both platforms, and more to worry about which is just more room for disaster.

Mobile friendly websites, or responsive websites, are the exact same site on every device that are built to automatically respond to any size screen, and reformat itself for an optimal user experience and user interface. There is zero loss of brand identity, content, and zero increase in your budget (if you with a Wevaweb site that is… we don’t make the same promise for the other guys!) Website views from smartphones and tablets are only going to increase in the future, and mobile friendly websites are the best solution to that trend.

Check out our website from your phone for a perfect example of a mobile friendly site!

Today, Wevaweb was featured on The Ed Tyll Show! Ed gave a ringing review of our web design services and talked in length about our mobile friendly web design, SEO, professional graphic design, social media integration, and custom email services.

He emphasized to his viewers how our services, like getting found on the first page of Google, bringing in Facebook & Twitter, and having modern web design are important for any online business. Everyone needs a mobile-friendly website, and Ed recognizes that. He gives an incredible review of our services and tells everyone to “Wevaweb… and be done with it!”

Listen to Wevaweb on The Ed Tyll Show

We exclusively build mobile friendly websites because it doesn’t matter if you’re a local business or a start up with global aspirations, people will see your website on something other than a full-size computer screen. From first impressions of your business to ordering their favorite products from your online store, the number of customers viewing your website on a phone or tablet is not only going to continue increasing, but become more and more important to your online marketing strategy.

In fact, if you pay for a non mobile friendly website at any point in the future then you are wasting your money. I’m sure you’re wondering how much more that will cost than “regular” website. Good question. According to this article on Forbes about mobile friendly websites, prices usually run from $5,000 to $25,000. Our sites are only $3,700, over 25% less than the low end of that range! That doesn’t mean we cut corners or don’t provide the exact same level of “mobile friendliness” as the other guys – it means we have been doing this for years, know how to do it quickly, and don’t overcharge our clients just because we know a new term. We take pride in saving our clients money by equipping them for the future and treating them fairly. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Besides the obvious statement that any business wanting to be taken seriously has to have a well-thought out online marketing strategy, here is one specific reason why a mobile friendly website is critical to online marketing success. We will cover other reasons in future posts. We had wanted to put them all here but the list is endless.

Give your customers everything they need anywhere they want it

mobile friendly web design for computers, smart phones, and tabletsMany websites have two versions – a computer site and a mobile site. Two sites that are completely different form each other in form and function – usually with the mobile site lacking information from the full site… and there’s no better way to lose customers than by forcing them to jump through hoops to buy your product!

Mobile friendly websites like ours don’t discriminate based on where or how someone is viewing the site. Everyone will see the same content, and be able to do the same things no matter if they are viewing it from a phone or computer. Mobile-friendly websites automatically resize and reorganize the content to fit to any screen so quickly and naturally that no one will know the difference.

This creates a better user experience for your customers, and a unified brand image across all platforms. It’s the same design, the same content, the same experience for everyone anywhere. It really doesn’t get much simpler and easier than that. Your customers will appreciate your consideration for them, and you will appreciate the compliments you receive!

If you’re not building a mobile friendly website or looking to build one soon, then you’re wasting everyone’s time and losing out on potential customers. Go mobile, or you will get left behind.

We’re pretty geeked about getting this up and running. It’s going to be an awesome business that helps a lot of other businesses get their sites launched online without a lot of hassle and stress. Say goodbye to the days of fighting with freelancers or overpaying for big firms… Wevaweb is here!

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