Our Web Design Process

Simply said, our web design process is designed to minimize your time and workload. There will be no countless meetings, marathon phone calls, or endless email chains. We respect your time because time is money… for you and us.
Below is the information about our “no haggle, no hassle” process that gets your website online quickly with minimum effort from you. It really is simply said, simply done.

Mobile Friendly Web Design
Our websites are built to work on every web-enabled device from smartphones to computers by automatically resizing to fit on any size screen. No matter where or how your customers find you, they will get an optimal experience.

Work With The Pros
While a Wevaweb account executive will manage the process, they will put you in direct contact with the graphic designer and web coder working on your site. This will minimize any miscommunication and costly time delays for your site. 

Get Online Quickly
Wevaweb knows how to get your site up and running quickly, and guarantees it will be online by the launch deadline. Our strict process and management team keep everything running smoothly from beginning to end. 

Custom Email Setup
Because any yahoo can have a Yahoo! email address, we can help you with custom email addresses as well through Outlook or Google Apps. Stop the you123@whatever.com nonsense. Start being you@yourdomain.com. 

100% Tested Code
All code used on our sites is tested to work in all current (and most past) versions of browsers and operating systems. We constantly monitor code protocol and update our practices accordingly so everyone has an optimal experience.

IT Setup & Support
Wevaweb handles the technical details that go into the back end of a website. We set up and manage the technical aspects from setup for as long as your site is hosted on our servers. We like to think of it as customer support done right.

FREE Training & Documentation
One thing you will get from us that you don’t get from most other web companies is complete control of your website with no strings attached. We will train you to change your site’s content so it can grow with you without extra fees.

Security & Backups
Our security standards are constantly updated to the latest web-approved protocols to protect your sites from malicious bugs, attacks, and viruses. We also include nightly back up services and can restore your site within fifteen minutes for any reason.

free web design consultation asheville ncCall (828) 202-3913 anytime from 9-5 Monday-Friday for a free consultation about your website. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions, explain our web design process, and help you learn if Wevaweb is the right fit for you and your business.

At the same time, feel free to ask us if we can provide additional services for your online marketing such as SEO, e-commerce, security and more. We hire the best talent in their respective fields to save you the time and trouble of searching, interviewing, negotiating, and managing them yourself.

Our consultants will be happy to explain how our website services can simplify your web design and online marketing experience with no pressure, no obligation, and no cost. You can start immediately or ask questions and think about it. It’s your call.

wordpress web design asheville ncWevaweb is proud to use the WordPress CMS on every website. The world’s most popular CMS program, WordPress is user-friendly, secure, great for SEO, and has extensive free online training resources. We train each client on how to edit, update, and upgrade their site so they are not stuck with a site they can’t use, or at the mercy of their web designer.

Too many web design companies nickel-and-dime every step of the way. We don’t do that. Ever. Promise.

At Wevaweb, we also include content change and creation as well as use this as an opportunity to train you on the WordPress content management system. We will help you insert content for your site and show you how to add text, pictures, video, and more down the road. Additional training is always available via phone or email.

creative designWevaweb places a high priority on using custom designs for every website. Your site will be built with a new, premium design created by our in-house designers or independent freelancers. When choosing designs, you will view them in full demo mode so you can exactly what you’re getting.

We also take painstaking care to avoid recycling old templates for separate sites because we hate “cookie cutter” websites just as much as the next guy. Your website should be about you and nothing else.

When you order a website from us, our designer will help you find a design that suits your needs while meeting modern web design standards. Your site will not only look good, but will give you a professional online identity for years to come. Just like your business, our sites are built to last and work.

Wevaweb websites are built to the latest HTML, CSS, and PHP protocols, and will respond to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets by automatically resizing to the device’s screen. It’s a mobile-friendly world… and we only build mobile-friendly websites.

We optimize website load time to ensure your customers are getting what they need when they need it. Every line of code on your site will be tested both locally and in the live environment to ensure it meets full performance, security, and durability expectations.

Our sites are tested extensively to work on all the latest browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Your website will work no matter where your customers are viewing it without you having to do a single thing. Meet them where they are with a Wevaweb mobile-friendly website!

With Wevaweb, you can not only check on your site’s development with our interactive demo, but you will be able to scroll through the menus, click buttons, send a test email, and check on it as it will work for your customers. You can even check it on your smartphone or tablet to see how it responds in different environments. No hiding. No guesswork. No “what ifs.” No nonsense.

Our designers will meet with you to answer your questions, discuss possible changes, and confirm the next steps for developing your site while interacting with it in real time. This gives you full access so we can communicate in real terms and avoid guesswork. You are an integral part of the web design process and we need you to be on the same page. Literally!


email servicesWebsites are about communication, and having a unique email address for your domain adds professionalism and security for you and your customers. We will help you set it up free of charge and include instructions on how to set it up on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even ask one of our designers to talk you through it via phone or email.

Any yahoo can have a Yahoo email address… Add a professional look to your business with a custom you@yoursite.com email address. If you need more than one custom email address with your new site, just let us know and we can set them up for you as well.

Unless you relish the idea of changing nameservers, rewriting code, and checking all the images and links on your site, let us launch it for you. We can even register your domain for you under a unique GoDaddy account so you will always have access and more importantly, control over your domain name. It’s your site. Keep it that way.

Prior to launching your site, our designers and builders will thoroughly check the front end and back end to ensure everything is working properly and ready to go. Your site will then be launched on the domain of your choice and checked again for any possible complications that may have come from the transfer process. Nothing else has to be done at this point, your site is ready and waiting for you to put it to use!

trainingWe provide CMS training for each website client that includes helping you edit written content, change pictures, add pages, build a blog, and more. Your site is specifically designed to grow with your business without costing you an arm and leg for each step of the way. Our training will give you the ability and toolset to do it yourself to save money, or hire anyone you want to do it for you.

We also provide more in-depth training for those that really want to dig in and take full advantage of what their WordPress CMS website can do for them. Everyone is different so we can write a custom training guide for you or train you over the phone. There is an infinite supply of free resources and tools online that we will gladly connect you with and show you how to develop your site by yourself!

Yes, your new website could be online in two weeks!

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